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Looking for a Reliable Air Quality Company in the South Miami, FL Area?

Because mold tends to grow in warm, wet areas, it can be an especially common issue in South Miami homes. If you notice a strong musty odor in your basement, or if you have a cold that just won’t seem to go away, it’s likely that you have a mold problem. Luckily, CMR Complete Mold Remediation, one of the South Miami area’s top air quality companies, is here to provide the services you need to identify, control, and treat this dangerous fungus, restoring the clean, healthy home environment your family deserves. We offer professional mold testing and mold inspection services backed by over 15 years of experience. If you’re looking for an honest, reliable mold treatment and air quality company in or near South Miami, FL, contact Lisa at CMR Complete Mold Remediation today!  

Our Mold Testing Services are Second to None

CMR Complete Mold Remediation is proud to offer some of the most thorough mold testing services in the South Miami, FL area. With top-notch testing equipment and meticulous attention to detail, we can determine if and where mold is growing inside your home, and assess the severity of the problem to determine whether the mold levels are hazardous. We’ll carefully inspect your entire property, test the indoor air quality, and communicate openly and honestly with you about our findings. If you suspect you may have a mold problem in your home, team up with a trustworthy inspector who truly cares about your health and safety—call Lisa at CMR Complete Mold Remediation! 

We Provide Thorough, Honest Mold Inspection Services In and Around South Miami

A professional mold inspector can pinpoint precisely the location where mold is growing in your home, and treat the problem effectively at the source. If you’ve been searching for the most reliable, knowledgeable mold inspector in the South Miami, FL area, look no further than Lisa at CMR Complete Mold Remediation. Reach out today and get the quality service you deserve! Lisa proudly serves homeowners throughout the South Miami, FL area.