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If you have identified mold in your home or commercial building, CMR will provide an efficient and effective solution. We remove all traces of mold and get down to the root of the problem to ensure it doesn’t grow back again. With over 15 years of experience we are prepared for any situation. Get the best mold remediation services in the Pinecrest, FL area; call CMR today.

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Mold remediation involves isolating the affected area and cleaning thoroughly with a variety of methods until there is no trace of mold. We are licensed and certified to complete this process and we do it without using harsh chemicals. Mold colonies thrive on moisture, so before remediation begins, the source of water must be addressed. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment and get rid of your mold problem for good. 

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Lisa’s mold remediation services are available to:

  • South Miami, FL
  • Coral Gables, FL
  • Palmetto Bay, FL
  • Cutler Bay, FL
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Weston, FL
  • Pinecrest, FL
  • Upper and Lower Keys, FL

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